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Getting a Mammogram Hasn't Been Easier

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A digital mammogram, also called mammography, is an imaging technique that is used to diagnose mammary conditions like enlarged lymph nodes, calcium deposits, lumps, fibroadenomas, and tumors. The digital mammogram helps doctors get a clear image of the internal physiological health of your breasts and identify the presence of a tumor.

At Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center, we are one of the leading mammography imaging facilities in Southern California. Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. is a highly-respected diagnostic radiology specialist in the Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Westminster neighborhoods. Visit our facility today to get a mammogram Huntington Beach clients and doctors trust.

When Should You Get a Digital Mammogram, & How Often?

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A digital mammogram is essential for women because it is more effective than self-examination. Often, you can’t feel the smaller cysts and growths located deep in the breast, and these can be easily caught in the mammogram.

Generally, doctors advise women over the age of 40 to undergo a mammogram once every two years. Depending on your health, you can make mammograms an annual test after the age of 70. However, women who have a family history of breast cancer or other mammary conditions or who have been diagnosed with the BRCA gene mutation should start getting yearly mammograms from the age of 40.

How Does a Digital Mammogram Work?

A mammogram can be performed using two techniques. The traditional/regular procedure is called the 2D mammogram and the contemporary, cutting-edge treatment is called the digital mammography.

In terms of the procedure, both types of mammography are done with the help of X-rays. The only difference lies in how the data is collected and where it is transmitted. In regular mammograms, the X-ray image of the breasts is stored on film, and prints of the film are used to make a diagnosis.

In the digital mammogram, the X-ray image is transmitted onto the computer screen and viewed digitally. The biggest advantage of digital mammograms is that you can create a 3D reconstruction of the image and see the breasts from various angles.  These 3D images will allow you to identify any abnormalities or conditions, even if you can’t physically feel the presence of nodes or tumors.

Some of the biggest advantages of digital mammography are:

Our procedure for a digital mammogram in Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center is lead by Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. He is one of the leading experts in the field of imaging, and you can trust him for accurate results.

The Digital Mammogram Procedure

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During the mammography procedure, our specialist will ask you to change into a hospital gown. Then, you are taken to the mammography room in our center. You will be asked to stand facing the mammography machine. This machine has an X-ray device, to which is fixed a clear plastic plate-like attachment called a paddle.

You will be asked to place your breast on the paddle. Another similar plastic paddle will be placed on the top side of your breast. You will feel some pressure as the plate gently compresses your breast. This type of compression helps the tissues spread out evenly and ensures that the best images are available in the mammogram.

Once the mammogram machine is switched on, and the digital X-ray is taken, multiple images of the breast tissue begin to form on the computer screen. Each image represents a section of the tissue. Our specialist will reposition your breast to get the images from all angles. Then the same procedure is repeated on the other breast and the mammography is performed.

The entire procedure is non-invasive and most women don’t feel any pain. The compression might cause minor discomfort for the first few seconds, but this is completely normal. Once the procedure is complete, you won’t experience any pain, redness, or swelling. Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. is a highly competent, empathetic, and board-certified diagnostic radiologist. He is very sensitive to the needs of his patients. You can trust him for safe and discreet care.

Mammography with Breast Implants

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It is advisable to get a mammogram if you have an implant in one or both of your breasts. This way you’ll be able to track the long-term results of your mastectomy.

X-ray beams don’t affect implants, but the beams may not be able to pierce the silicone implants to get the image. You will need to inform our specialists if you have implants and they will determine the right angles to place your breast on the compression paddle in order to generate a usable image.

At our facility, our team of doctors has immense experience working with patients who have breast implants. Contact us for more information about the safest and most effective mammogram Huntington Beach can provide.

Results of the Mammogram

Mammography is used to identify if there are any abnormal growths on your breast tissues. Usually, enlarged lymph nodes, calcifications, and tumors appear like white patches on the image. The size, shape, and density of these patches will be analyzed to understand whether the growths are benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. is a trained diagnostic radiologist. He will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis of your conditions, which your physician can use to provide the treatment you need.

The promising thing is that today you have numerous treatment solutions to address both benign and malignant breast growths. We advise you not to lose hope, no matter what the result of your mammogram report.

A Timely Mammogram Can Save Your Life

Getting a mammogram at the right time can be one of the best decisions you make.

At the Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center, we offer cash price discounts on digital mammography. It’s okay if you don’t have insurance right now. Pay in cash and receive high discounts on our prices.

Our objective is to make mammograms available and affordable to every person who needs them. Our pocket-friendly imaging services ensure that you aren’t forced to skip your routine digital mammography and X-ray because of a lack of insurance. With these cash price discounts, you get high value and premium quality diagnostic imaging. Contact us to schedule an appointment.