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An Introduction to Fluoroscopy

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Imaging procedures allow doctors to get a 360-degree view of the interior of your body. One way medical professionals check your internal organ movements and health is through the fluoroscopy procedure. Our fluoroscopy in Huntington Beach is an imaging technique that resembles an X-ray. However, while an X-ray gives static images of your bones and internal organs, the fluoroscopy provides images in real-time. It is a tremendously helpful technique when you’re being diagnosed with an illness or when you are undergoing surgery. Fluoroscopy helps doctors:

• Understand how smooth the blood flow is in your body.
• Know if there are any blockages in your body and how to access them.
• Verify catheter insertion and manipulation.
• Check the exact position where surgeons need to implant a medical device.

At Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center, we are one of the leading radiology and imaging centers in Huntington Beach, California. We also serve the nearby neighborhoods of Westminster and Fountain Valley. Our team of specialists, led by Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD., are highly-experienced in performing fluoroscopy, and you can trust them for quality radiological care.

Who is Eligible to Undergo Fluoroscopy?

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Fluoroscopy is a painless and completely safe imaging technique. Absolutely anyone can undergo the fluoroscopy procedure without worry.

If you are planning to start a family or are pregnant, it is best to speak to Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD., before scheduling the procedure. If you are breastfeeding your baby, it is recommended that you pump and save the breast milk before you visit us for the fluoroscopy.

Typically, patients will be asked to undergo fluoroscopy if they are being tested for the following conditions:

Preparing for the Fluoroscopy

Be sure not to have any meals or beverages at least 12 hours before the procedure. However, you are allowed to drink clear liquids like water, tea, broth, and juice before this 12-hour window.

If you’re on any medication, it’s recommended that you speak to your physician to know if you can continue taking them before and after the fluoroscopy Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center provides. Drink lots of water each time you take your medications.

You should also ensure that you don’t undergo any other imaging test or procedure where oral contrasts may have been used. Older contrast studies may sometimes affect the reading of the fluoroscopy results.

Additionally, inform Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD., and his team about any allergies or sensitivities that you may have. This will help us choose the right oral contrasts for your procedure.

The Fluoroscopy Procedure

Once you enter our Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center, you will be directed to the fluoroscopy room. You will be asked to change into a hospital gown and take off any accessories and jewelry. We have lockers here, where you can store your personal belongings.

You will be seated in front of a fluoroscopy machine. An oral contrast, like iodine or barium-sulfate, will be mixed with a liquid and will be given to you to drink. If your medical condition prevents you from orally taking the contrast, it will be injected into your body intravenously. These contrasts are used to enhance the visibility of the images of your internal organs and allow Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. to see your internal organs more clearly.

After a few minutes, the fluoroscopy will be started, and the imaging procedure will begin. Depending on the area of the body which needs to be imaged, you will be asked to sit down or lie down on the table. Then, a continuous stream of low dosage X-ray beams will be directed towards you, and the images will be transmitted onto a computer screen. The computer recreates on the screen, images of your internal organs in real-time.

Typically, patients hear shrill beeping sounds during the fluoroscopy procedure. This is perfectly normal. It’s important that you keep still and don’t shake too much while the fluoroscopy is in progress.

The fluoroscopy imaging procedure can take anywhere between half-hour and four hours, depending on the area of the body being imaged. Our primary objective at the Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center is your comfort and safety. You can trust us to make your fluoroscopy experience completely stress-free.

Worried that Fluoroscopy May Be Expensive? Don’t Be

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The truth is, fluoroscopy isn’t really that expensive when compared to other imaging procedures. It’s a pocket-friendly imaging procedure that’s covered by medical insurance. Our imaging facility accepts all major insurance providers in the United States.

Our primary objective at our facility is to make our services affordable to everyone. That’s why we offer cash price discounts on our fluoroscopy tests at the Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center. If you currently don’t have medical insurance, you can pay directly in cash and receive phenomenal discounts on your fluoroscopy sessions. These discounts don’t apply if you pay with insurance.

Not just our fluoroscopy in Huntington Beach, but our MRI, CT scan, X-ray, radiology, ultrasound, screening ultrasound, and digital mammography services are also eligible for cash price discounts.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We are here when you need us.

What Happens After the Fluoroscopy Imaging Procedure?

Fluoroscopy is a completely non-invasive technique that is very safe and pain-free. Your body is exposed to only limited quantities of X-ray beams during the procedure. This ensures that you remain safe from radioactive exposure during the session.

Once you’re done with the procedure, you will be discharged from our clinic. There is no downtime and there are no restrictions in terms of driving or resuming work. You can return to your normal routine immediately after the procedure.

The oral contrasts will automatically pass through your system and will be thrown out in a few days. They are completely non-toxic and you don’t have anything to worry about. You can resume your normal diet immediately after the procedure. If you stopped taking any medicines for the procedure, speak to our specialists to find out when you can resume taking them.

Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD., and his team are highly competent and trained in fluoroscopy. You are safe in their hands. Contact us for more information.