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The Most Affordable X-Ray Services in CA


X-rays are not only effective but highly cost-effective ways to detect injuries and for visualizing internal structures. While they are performed quickly, they are one of the safest diagnostic tools, given the minimal risk of radiation.

If your doctor has asked you to obtain an X-ray Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center is a first choice. Book an appointment with our medical imaging expert. Our diagnostic specialists will discuss any concerns you have regarding X-rays while explaining its risks and benefits.

How Do X-Rays Work?

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X-ray images are taken by positioning the patient in a way that the area to be X-rayed is between the detector and the source. The electromagnetic waves from the source pass through the body and appear as black and white images. Denser areas appear whiter on X-rays while less dense parts appear darker. For example, bones are denser because of their calcium content and absorb more of the radiation to appear white. When there is a fracture, the broken line appears as a darker area in the whiter area of the bone in the X-ray film.

Fat and muscles absorb less of the radiation and appear grayish on X-ray film. The air in the lungs absorbs very little of the X-rays and appears black. If there is a tumor or infection in the lungs, these are shown as whiter spots on the lung X-ray.

Are There Any Risks from X-Rays?

As X-rays use electromagnetic radiation, some people are worried about radiation exposure. The amount of radiation exposure depends on the organ or tissue being examined. Younger children and the fetus in an early development stage are more sensitive to the radiation as compared to adults.

You should always tell your health-care professional if you are or think you may be pregnant if an X-ray exam is prescribed.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or think that you could be pregnant, it is important to discuss this with your medical imaging specialist. This is to ensure we give you the safest, and thus most effective, X-ray Huntington Beach can provide.

Our highly experienced medical imaging expert is well aware of the risks and benefits and is aware that X-ray exams of teeth, chest, head, arms, and legs during pregnancy, do not expose the unborn child or reproductive organs to X-ray beams.

X-rays of other organs such as pelvis, abdomen, kidney, stomach, or lower back can cause minimal exposure to radiation for the unborn child. Depending on which area of the body has to be X-rayed and your condition, your doctor may either postpone, cancel, or modify the X-ray exam.

Generally, radiation exposure through X-rays is minimal and the benefits considerably outweigh the risks.

What Can X-rays Detect?

Your doctor may order an X-ray to visualize internal structures such as bones and diagnose the extent of injury that guides the treatment plan.

X-rays are widely used to diagnose many conditions including:

What Should I Wear for an X-Ray Exam?


It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes and avoid wearing jewelry or other metal accessories.

You may be asked to remove these items before an X-ray:

• Clothing with thick embroidery or buttons
• Metal embellishments
• Eyeglasses, belts and steel pins or cuffs

If your clothing is too thick or is obstructing the X-ray image, you may be given a gown to wear.

Do I Have to Fast Before an X-Ray?

Generally, there are no diet restrictions for X-rays. In some cases, if the X-ray needs to be taken of the abdomen, you may be required to fast for a short time. Your doctor will advise you on how to take your regular prescription medications prior to the X-ray.

How Long Will an X-Ray Test & Results Take?

The exact duration of our procedure for an X-ray in Huntington Beach will depend on the number of areas that need to be examined. Generally, your X-ray is completed within 15 minutes. At Huntington Beach Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Center, we have the utmost respect for your time. We are keenly aware of how every second matter when it comes to your health, which is why we are committed to ensuring procedures and diagnostic reports are delivered in the quickest turnaround time. Our impressive track record of having met the deadlines 99 percent of the time speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering timely reports.

Digital X-rays are instantly available for viewing and analysis. Typically, you will get the X-ray report on the same visit, but in case the doctor needs a closer look at the X-ray, you might have to wait for a few minutes.

The Most Affordable X-Ray Diagnostic Services in California

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Experience, expertise, and the best of customer service are our core strengths. Our expert diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Naser Rahbar, MD. has completed his Residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Rahbar is also a board-certified diagnostic radiologist.

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